Europe is Hot

No matter if you’re a history buff, art fanatic, or you just love great food, Europe is prime vacation territory as it’s endlessly intriguing – and downright fun for everyone! Here’s are some tried and true travel suggestions throughout Europe that we highly recommend.

Europe is Hot

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is an area of breathtaking natural beauty and diversity. It has been a popular settlement since the early Middle Ages and cities like Amalfi and Ravello with their artistic and architectural works have become places of great importance. The rural areas of the coast show the versatility of the inhabitants which have adapted their use of the land to the diverse nature of the terrain, from vineyards and orchards on the lower parts to wide upland pastures. The coast itself seems to be one grand balcony suspended between a crystal blue sea and the feet of the Lattari Mountains. It’s an exemplar of a Mediterranean landscape and UNESCO has protected it both for its topographical features and historical background.

Covering just over 100 miles along the Iveragh Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry is the iconic Ireland of your dreams. This circular route boasts magnificent mountain and ocean vistas, along with colorful villages, towns, museums, and fun stopping points. Take a bus for an effortless experience. If you choose to drive, go slow, marvel at the windswept natural beauty, and spend the day soaking up the all the rugged scenery and sites along the way. If you’re squeezed for time, consider driving the shorter Ring of Dingle route further north. It’s just as gorgeous and has a little less traffic.

Along with the Burgundy and Champagne regions, the magnificent wines of Bordeaux, France complete the “Holy Trinity” of French wine production. If you’re a passionate wine lover by any means, Bordeaux is your paradise – and it’s a gorgeous region to explore. When it’s time to take a break from the sipping and savoring, there are other great sights to explore such as Cathédrale St-André, the Grand Théâtre, and the Place du Parlement.

Described by Lord Byron as “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and believed to have been founded in the 7th century, the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the Adriatic’s most beloved vacation spots. Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its fairytale fortress within the Old City is packed with medieval stone buildings and romantic, winding passageways. It’s mainly a cultural destination that also offers a fantastic series of cultural events and festivals.

Lastly, river cruising. The Danube and Rhine rivers are two of the most breathtaking rivers in the world and they’re a great way to explore many of Europe’s iconic towns and cities. On board your ship you’ll have a unique perspective with all the amenities such as gourmet dining and luxurious accommodations of a land-based resort. The destination options are plentiful and no matter which you choose, you are assured to see quaint towns, historic icons, and an abundance of natural beauty.

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