AMG Relaunches Expanded OnLocation Program to Offer Clients Rare, Personalized Experiences Worldwide

WHY IT RATES: Travel advisors can become destination experts with access to AMG's OnLocation program, now better than ever before. — Lacey Pfalz, Associate Writer, TravelPulse

Advisors with TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection are now able to offer their clients more authentic, immersive experiences in destinations around the globe with the relaunch of the OnLocation program.

The program has been dramatically expanded, including investing in a dedicated team and resources, in response to requests from agency affiliates. Advisors are seeking partners to help create customized experiences in high-demand locales. This strategic growth of the TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and Affluent Traveler Collection partner portfolio will enable advisors and destination marketing companies to together turn clients’ visions, desires, interests and preferences into reality.

“The OnLocation program allows our advisors to become destination experts without ever leaving their desks,” said Chief Marketing Officer Nicole Mazza. “With extensive knowledge of their locales and networks of contacts, OnLocation companies can be a powerful partner to advisors in creating unique experiences personalized for each traveler. Access to this wealth of expertise, knowledge and advice is now at the fingertips of each one of our advisors.”

New Partners Triple the Power of Previous Version

Thirty-three destination marketing companies offering coverage in 65 countries form a strong foundation for the revitalized program, tripling the number of partners from the earlier OnLocation roster. These partners provide an extension of an advisor’s service with dedicated teams on the ground, offering 24-hour care for clients and peace of mind for advisors.

TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection vetted companies carefully before inviting them to join the program. OnLocation partners were evaluated based on reputation, expertise, fit for network needs, destination coverage and recommendations from agencies and partners. These companies have committed to a high level of service, including responding to advisor requests within 48 hours.

The OnLocation suppliers will serve as a complement to the existing preferred partner portfolio. The robust collection of hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators and rail providers is noted for its breadth of offerings and geographic diversity. Thanks to these valued partnerships, agency affiliates are able to provide their clients with exclusive inventory, offers and benefits.

Training and Resources Key to Program Success

TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection are rolling out a suite of tools and resources to help advisors collaborate with program experts more effectively. The materials include a digital OnLocation Directory with information on each company, plus video tutorials, webinars, trip planning checklist, travel request form and best practices for productive partnerships.

With post-pandemic travel booming, the OnLocation program provides a timely advantage for advisors during the busy summer season. “When the world opened up again, people wanted to make up for lost time by enjoying the most incredible experiences they could find all over the world,” said Cece Drummond, Vice President, Supplier Relations. “The OnLocation program is giving our advisors an edge in providing those wow moments clients won’t find anywhere else. Those could be anything from a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel before it opens, an intimate cooking class in the home of a local chef, or an exclusive concert at the ancient wonder of Ephesus.”

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