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Must Haves for the Environmentally Conscious

With billions of travelers crisscrossing the globe each year, it’s more important than ever to protect the natural and cultural environment of places you visit. But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to go green. Instead, consider snapping up a few of these natural, earth-friendly accoutrements, all of which are designed to make it a pleasure to preserve and protect the places you’re visiting…

Reware Juice Bags

Turn free sunlight into clean electricity with rugged Juice Bags, outfitted with a super-flexible solar panel that can charge handheld devices, such as your phone or iPod, in about the same amount of time as if charged by a wall socket. Uses only solar power—no battery needed! In addition, the ES series of Juice Bags (for “Environmentally  Sustainable”) are made using a fabric made from recycled 2-liter soda bottles. Get the freedom to roam while staying plugged in.

TilleyWater Bottle

 The collapsible, taste-free, lightweight TilleyWater Bottle is guaranteed for life. Scrunch it in your bag for all your travels, or freeze it and use it as an ice pack. It keeps beverages cold and hot. The flexible material allows the water bottle to stand upright on its own,fold flat when empty and roll up to fit practically anywhere. It holds 1 liter of liquid and expands to 3" deep. or 800.363.8737

Splaff Flopps


These comfortable, long-lasting sandals are made with recycled race car tires, bicycle inner tubes, regupol (pressed, chipped cushioning material made from used tires) and hemp.  Today Splaff products also include handbags, belts, mirrors and even a coffee table. They are hand-crafted and are produced in a 100% waste-free, earth-friendly process in which all leftover materials are either reused or recycled. or 619.221.9199

Shoreline GreenSmart

Laptop Jacket Shoreline’s GreenSmart laptop jackets and sleeves are stylish choices for environmentally sensitive consumers looking for laptop protection. Lightweight and made from recycled materials, they feature a full-access zipper pocket for cables or power supply, a business card pocket, insider outer zipper pocket, shoulder strap and more. GreenSmart Laptop Jackets come in an array of sizes.
or 800.637.8953

Dynamo Torch


This lightweight eternal flame provides bright, effective and reliable lighting that keeps on burning. It has a compact, sleek design offering 3 LED functions. With no batteries required, simply wind and use for instant light. Fits neatly in the palm of your hand or your pocket, making it perfect for travel.

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